Assertive Communication and Negotiations

Number of trainees


Application and pre-screening period

Trainees are usually already employed by the company

Training Period

3 days (18-24 hours)


Help companies and its management in team and client communication and working in stressful situations

* Usually for managers and team leads, but could be for everyone

* Done only live

What are the benefits for you:

Conducting the training will help people improve their communciations and negotiation skills. They will be able to approach stressful environments and learn how to self-asses themselves when required. They will become able to predict themselves and will be challenged to face the traits of theirs that are the hardest to handle.

The training will be delivered entirely by our team and you shouldn't need to spend any of your resources.

Here is an example program for the training:

Day 1

Learning about basic human psychology - common patterns, examples in the workplace, how to approach them.

How to structure and deliver a good presentation.

1. Slide deck content and how to design it.
2. Body language and what our body says when speaking and when not.
3. The "shoulder to lean upon" technique.
4. Tone of voice and how to practice it.
5. How to prepare for a presentation.

Day 2

A brief on Stephen Covey's 7 habits of highly effective people. How to be the best self and how to build and operate within the best team.

Learn about time-management, planning and self-prediction in order to reduce stress. Explaining human expectations during negotiations.

Day 3

Play out multiple work scenarios and learn how to control the environment at any given moment. Learn how to remain calm or, at least, intact. Learn how to give effective feedback to the toughest of reports.

Learn how to conduct an interview that leaves candidates excited and not frustrated by the experience, regardless of the result.


• Create relevant learning materials and tasks

• 6 hours per day lecturing

• Provide feedback

• Provide fail-case work scenarios and solutions